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This blog pretends to offer micro activities to be used as ice breakers or as a way to start a lesson with some reading and listening comprehension activities. Based on real Tweets it's still in construction. In a few days everybody will find the answers in a Facebook page. ;-) JRubies



1) Question: What was the main tool that helped Jack with his discovery?
A) The help of 199 University Professors
B) The 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
C) The Internet

2) Question: How many laps was Lorenzo leading the race?

3) Question; According to the initial diagnosis, will Messi be able to play against Celtic in Glasgow this week?

4) Question: How many firearms deaths of children under 15 were identified in just 8 States of the USA last year?

5) Question: Which race will take place next to New York next year?

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