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This blog pretends to offer micro activities to be used as ice breakers or as a way to start a lesson with some reading and listening comprehension activities. Based on real Tweets it's still in construction. In a few days everybody will find the answers in a Facebook page. ;-) JRubies



1) Question: What was the main tool that helped Jack with his discovery?
A) The help of 199 University Professors
B) The 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
C) The Internet

2) Question: How many laps was Lorenzo leading the race?

3) Question; According to the initial diagnosis, will Messi be able to play against Celtic in Glasgow this week?

4) Question: How many firearms deaths of children under 15 were identified in just 8 States of the USA last year?

5) Question: Which race will take place next to New York next year?



1) Question: Where does Rihanna find the inspiration?
By the way, Do you know in which city  was "Half o me" mostly filmed? Watch it!

2) Question: Who  gave a lift in Singapore and what was the penalty for the pilot who was given the lift?

Find out the solution here.

3) Question: Why is Angela Merkel so happy?

4) Question:According to the article, why  "Bale's dream day", turned into a nightmare.?

5) Question: Who has scored twice against Manchester United?



Choose one of the news below. Read it and answer the question.
1) Question: Who was at the Pole Position on the grid?
A) Lorenzo
B) Marquez
C) Pedrosa

2) Question: How many goals has Messi scored in the League ?
A) Three goals in four matches
B) It's not mentioned in this article.
C) Six goals in four matches.

3) Question: How do Riders for Health help to health workers in Africa?
A) Giving them exclusive paddock passes
B)  Providing them motorcycles and mechanical expertise.
C) Running and winning races for them.

4) Question: What is  the International Space Station for?
A) It's a gateway to other missions in the space.
B) It's a Laboratory.
C) It's a place to go back to the moon.

5) Question: When did Kimi win the World Championship with a Prancing Horse car?
A) Never with Ferrari
B) In 2007.
C) After Alonso joined Ferrari